RIPACK Heat Shrink Tools / Shrink Guns / Heat Guns

TeqNovo Inc. offers LPG / Natural Gas fired heat tools:
RIPACK 2200 (Natural Gas kit available as an option )
RIPACK 2000 (Natural Gas kit available as an option )
to quickly get your products:
• Weatherproof
• Tamper resistant
• Unitized
• Ready for storage
• Ability to be transported on an open flat bed
• Protect any size or shape product

Ripack 2200 is a high quality shrink gun offering a fast & reliable performance with complete safety. The ergonomic design is lightweight and well-balanced for ease of use with added safety features such as an automatic valve on regulator to protect the gas supply, hand guard and dead-man trigger device. A double safety regulator also protects the appliance against internal overheating to promote a long, reliable and productive life.

The Ripack 2200  features a new and exclusive rotating nozzle that provides heat on a very large area for reduced shrink times. It also remains cold during and after use to prevent any risk of burns eliminating the need for protective clothing. The new gun also features an adjustable regulator for controllable power, making it ideal for use on a wide variety of shrink films.

RIPACK 2200 and RIPACK 2000  are a mobile & powerful source of heat for :

Heating shrink plastic (pallets - heavy loads-odd forms - storage)
Flaming plastic parts for painting and printing,
Melting Road markings,
Heat Sealing Roofs, Roof Tar felting
Sealing ventilation tubing for clean room use

The RIPACK 2200 and 2000 are easy to use and to maintain with the user's safety and comfort in mind. The Ripack 2200/2000 offers high performance  (73kW/187 660 BTU),  using only 4 Kg ( at max setting) of propane per hour of continuous use. The flame is steady and fan shaped which reduces scorching. The nozzle shape ensures an even heating of the material and is ergonomically designed to allow for fatigue free work. The Ripack 2200 and Ripack 2000 come as a complete kit in a sturdy case for protection and easy storage. A range of complementary accessories are also available; including gas bottle trolley, film dispensers and a host of shrink polythene & pallet hoods